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Service Above Self.

The Rotary Club of Beloit was established in April 1919, when Joseph A. Janvrin was mayor of Beloit and Beloit was a growing city of some 20,000 inhabitants, something which was destined to help shape the future of Beloit occurred, as it was occurring in similar cities all over the land. Rotary was only 14 years old, but the movement had already swept from the eastern seaboard to the western seaboard and back again and up into Canada, and the middle west of the United States.

A meeting was held at the Chamber of Commerce rooms in Beloit with Don VanWart, Humphrey Foster, Hamilton Ross, Eugene Reitler, Ben Lyons, Walter Leishman, Dana Peet, Dr. Paul Fox, Hugo VonOven, LaFayette Bean, Harvey Baily, Fred Coons, Ralph Schellenger, H.E. Own, tom Hendley and Charles H. Hill to discuss the possibility of forming a Rotary Club in Beloit. this group met with Burton E. Nelson, Governor of the 15th District which encompassed  the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern Michigan. 

The Following Facts Were Gathered From This First Meeting: The motto of Rotary is service, not self. Rotary undertakes to do those things that no other club is organized to do. The memberships are limited to one from each classification as to craft in the community, and the purpose is to serve unselfishly community, state and country, A board of directors was nominated, elected and the charter for membership in Beloit Rotary Club was closed on May 19, 1919 and certified to the International Association of Rotary Clubs.


Beloit Club Undertakes First community Service Project:

In spite of the fact that Governor Nelson had advised the Rotary club of Beloit to “sit tight” and not attempt too much in the way of community service, the first service of any large importance was proposed by Ben Lyons. This proposal urged that the Beloit Rotarians get behind the Associated College Drive in 1920. Gene Reitler initiated a movement to carry this service still further and secure the cooperation of all the Rotary clubs in Wisconsin during this drive. So hearty was the Beloit Club’s response that on a certain day, the entire club members left their places of business and successfully solicited funds for the Associated Drive. Later the club subscribed heavily to the Near East Relief Fund.

In an effort to support the Boy Scouts Troop Two, six members of the club signed a note for $3,400 to purchase 17 acres of land along the Rock River near Roscoe. The Rotary club took this on as a project and paid the note in full with interest. Rotary Club of Beloit held title to this property and in order that it could hold property, the club was incorporated on the 10th day of July, 1924.

The Club Launches Its First Publication:

The Beloit Rotary BUZZER was started in 1919 shortly after Clint Karstaedt joined the club and continues to be the weekly club adviser.